Social Security paid prisoners $1M in disability

When it comes to the Social Security Administration’s disability payouts, prisoners are winning big.

And the big losers: Taxpayers.

A recent report from the Office of the Inspector General for the SSA found that of a sampling of 100 disability recipients, one-fourth of them had been receiving the benefit — wrongfully — while in jail. The report, called the “Special Disability Workload Payments Made to Incarcerated Beneficiaries,” advised the government to take action to recoup the overpayments and wrongful payments.


SSA issued improper DI [disability insurance] payments to beneficiaries for periods they were in correctional institutions,” the IG reported Friday. “Of the 100 sample cases we reviewed, SSA appropriately took action to suspend DI benefit payments for 75 beneficiaries who had periods of conviction and incarceration, but overpaid DI benefits to the remaining 25 sample beneficiaries.”

Take that sample to its logical, mathematical conclusion, and it’s clear: “Based on this sample, we estimate SSA overpaid about $1 million to 440 beneficiaries,” the government watchdog found.

By the numbers, it looks like this: An estimated 317 prisoners received a total of $879,000 in disability insurance. Another 123 were paid a total of $143,000 — and that’s despite the SSA taking away their benefits. And more than $1 million in wrongful payments were disbursed.

The IG recommended that SSA look into recouping payments from the prisoners who received the payment inappropriately. The IG also said the SSA should “take action it determines appropriate to review the accuracy of the DI payments made to the remaining 1,661 individuals in the agency’s [database] who have criminal history data in SSA’s information systems.”

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Just by chance, I caught an inmate doing that once. Occasionally I would be in the Control Room when the mail came in and would look through the mail to ensure that there was no inmate-to-inmate mail. I spotted a brown government envelope one day that resembled some kind of disbursement from Uncle Sugar. At that point, I saw that the return address was the SS Admin. I took the envelope into my office and had one of the guards bring the inmate to me. I told him to open the envelope – I couldn’t as it’s an “invasion of privacy”, but CAN make the inmate open it in front of me. It was a “disability” check. Now, the guy had already been locked up for three years of his five year sentence before he was transferred to my joint. Apparently his P.O. Box payment was behind so his mail was forwarded. He told me that he had been receiving the checks monthly for ALL three years and was “entitled” to it. I took it from him and said, “Not any more”. I then called the SS Admin. and sent the check back to them.
It’s a good thing that sociopaths are stupid.


Oh, I neglected to mention that the inmate was a con man – a white collar offender, AND “tax protester”.

But they aren’t violent right? and shouldn’t be in prison with real felons? Stealing is a violent act? what do you think of that load of liberal manure?

If YOU wanna pay HIS tax bill, knock yerself out. I DON’T!

I think you must be a CO because you missed the sarcasm.

1 The Great Republican state of Texas paid inmates over 17 million. Mistakes do happen. Finding and fixing is what is important.

So what is taking them so long to find the problem in plain view?

Have you ever been stuck behind a roadblock. All they need to do is move a few cars out of your way, and you could go? That roadblock is the GOP.

If it costs more to find and fix it should they look for it? The problem is way worse than this article portrays.

And how do you know? I assume you are a programmer for the ACA?

I have been involved with enough government state and federal programs to know that growth is the goal not results. The unions are designed to grow that is how you get raises and advancement in what would otherwise be a stagnant government dead end job. It is simple math you do not have to be an American Camping Counselor to know that. (Sarcasm). Just like you do not have to be an inside government analyst to know the recent figures that came out on job growth is a lie too. They are now counting the part time jobs Obama care is creating by destroying full time jobs, the government bean counters are not counting the loss of the full time jobs they count the part time jobs that have resulted as new jobs. I have attended briefings on more than one occasion where we were told point blank the period for feedback would not allow any negatives only positive feedback. That is the state of government today especially the Obama admin. their motto? They will tell the truth even if they have to lie to do it.

Mistakes? On the contrary, these are crimes…Why aren’t you blaming the criminal fraudsters willfully breaking our laws?

Do not the Republicans…

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