Queensland election: The pig-hunting weapons dealer set to lead One Nation in State Parliament

He’s a pig hunter, a weapons dealer, and likely to be the new head of One Nation in Queensland.

So who is Stephen Andrew and how did he secure the party’s only parliamentary seat?

The Mackay man describes himself as a “fair dinkum citizen politician”, who threw his hat into the political ring to help local businesses and improve youth unemployment.

He lives by the philosophy “Your word and integrity is everything in life” — instilled in him by his grandfather.

He spoke with the ABC while working on a mine site in Central Queensland.

“The most important thing is to help the people of Queensland,” he said.

“The first thing is making the electorate and the officials connect with the public so that we can get more public views, interaction, to do with the electorate and politics.

“Going forward with the younger people coming up, we need to be able to have that relationship with the public,” he said.

Mr Andrew is a fourth-generation South Sea Islander, whose family has strong ties to the Mirani electorate.

“My grandad worked right down through the electorate on the railway, knowing all the people in the different railway towns. And was well know for his honesty…

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