The Tax Scam: Naming The Culprits

It took quite a conspiracy of lies and mendacity to drive tax cuts for the superrich and giant corporations through both houses of Congress.

The tax scam is no done deal – House and Senate negotiators must still agree on a single package, and that package must win approval in both houses. Given the narrowness of the margins for approval in both the Senate and House, and the significant differences between the bills each passed, the entire effort may still collapse – especially if the public grasps what’s at stake and mobilizes.

But the uncertainty over the ultimate fate of the tax cut is no reason to delay identifying the culprits. Each and every person who had a hand in crafting and passing these proposals for monstrous transfers of wealth to the superrich must be held accountable.

Some of the conspirators merit special attention:

Gary Cohn. National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn engaged in a very public handwringing about whether to remain in the Trump administration in the wake of the Charlottesville outrage but decided the “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to make history by cutting taxes for the rich was too great to pass by. He continued to insist that corporate tax cuts would unleash new corporate investment – only to be greeted by a roomful of corporate executives who wouldn’t back up his story even by raising their hands in answer to a question about who would undertake new investment. Cohn racked up quite a record of interesting statements: “The wealthy are not getting a tax cut” (Sept. 28). “I’m really not upset” that the wealthy are getting a tax cut (Nov. 9). “The most excited group out there are big CEOs about our tax plan” (Nov. 9).

Marco Rubio. Unlike others on this list, Rubio offered a dose of honesty about the tax cut. But his plus points for truthfulness are offset by the immorality of his admission: These gigantic tax cuts are a set-up for immediate demands to slash Social Security and Medicare. “The driver of our debt is Social Security and Medicare for future beneficiaries,” he stated. Actually, don’t give Rubio too many points for honesty. In those same remarks, he also insisted that the tax cuts would generate economic growth.

Donald Trump. The liar in chief says, “This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing. Believe me. Believe. This is not good for me.” Uh, not true….

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