Homeless Services Council provides a wealth of resources for veterans

Crouching low and moving silently through the dense tropical jungle in combat boots, I scanned for any sign of man.

A footprint. A discarded bottle. Any hint that someone had been here recently. Looking back, I could just make out the silhouette of my team through the brush. Suddenly, the thick vegetation gave way to a well kept clearing, a tent with additional canopy and a clean and organized camp.

We’d found the homeless veteran we were looking for. Announcing our presence loudly, our veteran welcomed us.

“Is there anything you need, sir?” he wasasked. “Nah,” he said gruffly, rubbing a grizzled, half-bearded chin. “There’re others from me who have it worse.”

So we gathered his information and the search continued.

The search was part of a Homeless Veteran Outreach Event initiated, organized and executed by the Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council, a relentless ally of the Veterans Council and a true expert in supporting our homeless population.

We’d brought out supplies as incentive, but the real mission was to get a firm idea of said population so we can continue to fund the outstanding resources and programs the Homeless Services Council provides.

Their mission is a noble one. Even with my limited viewpoint and experience in their efforts, I already admire their zeal for achieving mission regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in place.

Their mission is to prevent and end homelessness on the Treasure Coast.

“As the lead agency for the Homeless Continuum of Care,” said Leeanne Sacino, the Assistant Director, “we are tasked with planning and coordinating all homeless services with 65 member agencies across the Treasure Coast to quickly house individuals and provide supportive services to keep them housed.”

According to Sacino, the organization has been providing desperately needed programs for almost 17 years.

The Homeless Resource Center provides information and appropriate referrals across the Treasure Coast. As funding allows, the Resource Center also provides temporary financial assistance to re-house individuals as quickly as possible.

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program finds long term rental assistance to severely disabled chronically homeless individuals.

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program provides short term financial assistance to veterans and their household members to…

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