Most Americans Are Confident About the Economy

With both unemployment and the stock market at, or near, record highs, most Americans have reason to be confident. It’s easier to find a job in many markets, and even low-level workers are seeing wage increases as giant retailers including Wal-Mart and Target will pay all hourly employees at least $11 an hour.

That wave of good news has led to the majority of Americans having a positive outlook for 2018, according to a new online survey conducted by LendingTree. The data showed that 67% of those surveyed expect their personal finances to improve in 2018.

A hand changes a wooden block from 7 to 8 to spell out 2018.
Americans are mosly optimistic about their finances heading into the new year. Image source: Getty Images.

What does the survey show?

Americans are clearly getting swept up in a sense of economic optimism. Almost one-third of those surveyed (32%) said they expect their finances to get “much better” in 2018 while 35% expected them to get “somewhat better.”

Nearly a quarter of the survey participants (24%) saw their finances staying the same while 6% said they expected them to get “somewhat worse.” Only 2% said they expected the new year to bring them finances that were “much worse.”

Millennials, which LendingTree defines as those 35 and under, were the most optimistic. Nearly 80% of people in that age group expected their finances to improve this year. People over 50 were less cheery with only 55% saying they saw financial improvement ahead.

People want less debt

In addition to asking people how they felt about their finances in 2018, the survey…

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