Letters: Readers sound off on education funding, health care costs

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Do a better job funding public education

Over my life of 67 years living in Mississippi, one thing has been consistent. Our state has continued to lag behind every other state in our nation in funding the most important aspect of any state’s budget. If there is a line in our budget that has been and is today absolutely critical to the future of our most precious commodity, our children, it is our education budget.

Who do you think instructs, guides, supports, encourages and makes real the dreams of our children and who open up the world and all its opportunities to these young minds that are trying to make themselves into productive citizens?

I’ll tell you who: teachers. We, as parents, merely supplement what our children have been exposed to throughout their school careers. This “career” consists of 12 long years, accompanied by a lot of studying on their part. But as the husband of an elementary teacher who taught for 44 years, who dearly loved her students and did all within her power to enhance the learning environment for those young minds, it is appalling to me that our Legislature would rush through a reduction in the Mississippi Adequate Education Program formula without an extensive and…

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