Letters to the editor: Wildacres, a wild presidency and unwarranted parades

More reckoning needed for Wildacres

I recently read an article in the Citizen-Times about Wildacres Flute Retreat. I am disgusted and very concerned that this wonderful organization is allowing a known accused sexual predator (Brad Garner) to continue to work with young flute students.

The Wildacres organization needed to remove this man from their program. They just cannot allow this known sexual predator to work with and be around their young students. They need to protect these kids.

And, I feel they need to let go of the director for her attitude toward the students and for not wanting to protect the students from this predator.

Martha Andrew, Asheville

Security concerns abound

Seems a lot of folks are worried about a gaggle of people around the president serving without security clearance. I’m concerned the president has security clearance; therefore, when he is impeached we cannot exile him to Russia with all that information because of his big buddyship with Vladimir, his alter ego. Perhaps banish him to North Korea where and he and Kim could measure each other’s buttons like we adolescent boys in the Texas Panhandle did back in the 1940s; then, go out and pee on the electric border fence to see who is baddest.

There the president would experience the reality of a wall. Problem: the president would be taking all that security information with him. However, the shock could give him a penal, i.e. brain for him, lobotomy.

R. David Fillpot, Asheville

The White House has no moral code

I watched the White House press conference where Raj Shah talked about the Rob Porter spousal abuse and security scandal, and said “We could have done better.” My first thought was finally someone is taking some responsibility.

Over the next few days as the complete picture of what the White House knew and…

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