Defense contractors allowed to proceed with suit against employer


Louise Esola

Two former defense contract workers can proceed in part with their lawsuit against their employer, who allegedly terminated them after one filed and another assisted with a workers compensation claim, the U.S. District Appeals Court for the District of Columbia ruled Friday.

In 2010, David Sickle and Matthew Elliott were working in Baghdad, Iraq, for Falls Church, Virginia-based Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions L.L.C. when Mr. Elliott, who assisted with a military base’s canine unit, injured his back while stacking sandbags, according to documents filed in David Sickle and Matthew W. Elliott v. Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions L.L.C. and Scott Torres.

Mr. Sickle, a base medic, treated his colleague several times and urged him to seek treatment in the United States, which he eventually did. Upon his arrival in the United States, Mr. Elliott filed a workers compensation claim and subsequently, with Mr. Sickle’s…

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