Comcast drops the ball on Big 10 sports: your say

Not a sporting move

There are literally thousands of Big 10 fans who live full time, are snowbirds and visitors in Florida who want to watch the Big 10 sports on local TV.

You might have noticed the Big 10 network has been dropped in Florida and the rest of the Comcast programming states. Why? Comcast failed to negotiate a new contract with the Big 10.

If you want Big 10 sports back on Comcast programming then Big 10 fans make your voices heard to Comcast. They need to feel the power of the Big 10 fans to force Comcast to reopen programming negotiations. The SEC could be next.

Michael KIngery, Fort Myers

Cacioppi’s ‘final curtain’ unfair

I have known Robert Cacioppi since 1991. I was one of the founding board of directors and it’s treasurer. It seems that the decision to fire Robert has not been fairly thought out. To be a successful director one has to be critical. strict, forceful and sometimes unkind. The Wall Street Journal rated the theater “One of America’s top repertory company for nine years.” Recently Robert was honored with the Richard G Fallon Award for excellence in professional theater for his tenacity, vision, passion and leadership. I do believe all this should be considered before the ”final curtain”.

Kenneth Nirenberg, Fort Myers

The latest news about Bob Cacciopo and FloridaRep is truly unfortunate. Bob did in fact build the foundation of a theater which has become a gem of the arts community here.

However, the recent letters from people saying they will no longer support the Rep are very upsetting. There have been many, many people who have poured their hearts and…

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