John Currie’s new part-time job: $92K at Passaic County welfare board

Democratic Party chairman John Currie has landed a part-time job with the Passaic County Board of Social Services that pays him $92,000 a year to help get the word out to the public about welfare benefits.

Currie, the head of both the state and Passaic County branches of the Democratic Party, was hired by the Board of Social Services in January as its public information officer. His main function is community outreach, BSS director Tony Desimone said.

“Who knows more people than he does? He knows everybody. He’s got contacts everywhere,” Desimone said.

The Passaic County Board of Social Services hasn’t had a public information officer since 2004, when Edward A. Smyk retired. Desimone said he offered Currie the job — not the other way around — because the agency wants to increase its enrollment in programs such as food stamps.

“Is it good for him? Sure, it is. Why would he take the job if it wasn’t good for him? Of course it’s going to help him. It was my idea,” Desimone said.

Currie, who played a key role in electing Gov. Phil Murphy and whose reign as party boss has helped Democrats hold every seat on the Passaic County freeholder board since 2013, denied he was cashing in his political chips.

“I don’t (care) what it looks like,” Currie said. “I’m doing a job. I’m entitled to do have a job, and I’m doing a good job.”

Currie, 71, had been considering a run for Passaic County Clerk, the seat that was vacated by Republican Kristin Corrado when she…

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