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These Were The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016
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These Were The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016

These Were The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016.
The Social Security Administration released its official list of the most popular baby names of 2016.
In fact, the top 10 list of names for girls contains all of the same names as last year’s list.
However, Ava overtook Sophia for the number three spot, and Charlotte jumped up from number nine to number seven.
As for the boys, William rose two spots, replacing Mason as the third most popular name.
James also jumped up to number five, and Ethan and Benjamin swapped their number six and number ten positions from last year.
The only new name on the list is Elijah, which bumped Alexander from top 10 status.
The Social Security Administration compiles the baby names list is based on the names that parents in the U.S. chose for their babies born in 2016.
Without further ado, here are the top 10 baby names of 2016.
Emma Olivia Ava Sophia Isabella Mia Charlotte Abigail Emily Harper Noah Liam William Mason James Benjamin Jacob Michael Elijah Ethan Visit the Social Security Administration website to see more of the data on baby names in the U.S.

The Baby Name ‘Donald’ Dropped In Popularity Last Year
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The Baby Name ‘Donald’ Dropped In Popularity Last Year

The Baby Name ‘Donald’ Dropped In Popularity Last Year.
Between 2015 and 2016, the name Donald fell 45 places, from the 443rd most popular baby name for boys to number 488.
While there were 690 Donalds born in 2015, there were only 621 in 2016.
While there were only 37 Ivankas born in 2015, that number jumped up significantly to 111 in 2016.
And the number of babies named Barron rose from 74 to 94 between 2015 and 2016.
This upswing didn’t hold true for all the Trump kids, however.
The name Tiffany fell in the 1,000 most popular names list, from number 494 in 2015 (646 babies) to number 558 in 2016 (555 babies).
Eric also fell from number 138 (3,035 babies) to number 142 (2,909 babies).
Though the name hasn’t appeared on the top 1000 names list since 2008, 137 baby girls were named Hillary in 2015.
That number jumped up to 171 baby Hillarys in 2016.

Oh, baby! Social Security’s Top 10 Baby Names
Social Security Disability

Oh, baby! Social Security’s Top 10 Baby Names

Social Security’s Top 10 Baby Names.
Social Security is with you from day one!
For most people, Social Security starts at birth when you get your first Social Security card.
We are the authority on the most popular baby names from the prior year based on requests for Social Security numbers for newborns.
Coming in at number 10 are Harper and Ethan.
At number nine, Emily and Elijah, with Elijah cracking the top 10 for the first time!
You can read the rest of the top 10 on our baby names page!
You can also visit our baby names page to see how popular your name or your child’s name was over the past 100 years.
Maybe they’ll find a name on our list that they love, thanks to you!
Get to know us and the resources we offer to families with children at!

Are 97% Of Social Security Recipients Doing It Wrong?
Social Security Disability

Are 97% Of Social Security Recipients Doing It Wrong?

Make sure you are in the smart group.
Download the calculator from What’s Your Social Security Benefit Worth?
Look at this plot of how many people wait until what is usually the optimum starting age of 70: Recent years have seen some increase in the waiting game, as people soak in advice from Forbes and many other sermonizers on this subject.
The average age at which benefits start is 64.4 years.
But still, this reason for starting early goes under Dumb.
A Social Security disability benefit converts automatically to a retirement benefit at “full retirement age,” which is 66 for today’s retirees.
Should you start benefits right away?
The payout boost for waiting determines not only your own benefit but the survivor benefit going to your spouse.
Bottom line: You’re probably better off waiting unless (a) you are very, very sick and (b) you’re either single or in possession of an earnings record not much better than your spouse’s.
If you and your spouse are close in age, born before 1954, and equipped with similar earnings histories, then a smart move is for one of you to start collecting a retirement benefit at age 66 and the other at 70.

Are You About to Lose $50,000 in Future Social Security Benefits?
Social Security Disability

Are You About to Lose $50,000 in Future Social Security Benefits?

What is file and suspend?
Generally, the longer you wait to start receiving your checks, the higher your monthly benefit will be.
Under file and suspend, married workers can file for Social Security and immediately suspend their benefits.
Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoff estimates that file and suspend can boost lifetime Social Security benefits for many couples by $50,000.
The Obama administration proposed closing the loophole last year, saying it was an “aggressive” claiming strategy that mostly benefits wealthier retirees.
AARP, the big nonprofit group that advocates for older Americans, supports the change.
What does the budget deal do to file and suspend?
It would make it impossible for people to access their spousal benefits while their spouses are still waiting to access theirs.
These children wouldn’t get their checks until their parents start getting theirs.
An original version of the budget deal ended file and suspend in six months for everyone using the strategy.

8 Ways To Save More Money In Retirement
Social Security Disability

8 Ways To Save More Money In Retirement

8 Ways to Boost Your Income in Retirement If you’re nearing retirement and finding the math doesn’t work out, it may be possible to find a semi-retirement solution that lets you leave your traditional job while earning money on the side.
Need more money in retirement?
“Many of them rent out their home for the whole summer,” says Carbone.
How about making your own hours to earn some extra cash as you go along?
The average hourly earnings for an Uber driver is $19.04.
“And if you can find one, participating in a live focus group can earn you a few hundred dollars just for a few hours of your time.” This may not lead to a huge income, but any extra money you can earn in retirement will certainly help.
Best of all, these opportunities are easy to take advantage of at home, and in your spare time.
The best part about consulting is that you can usually work on your own time, do your work in whatever way suits your talents and skills, and charge as much money as the market will bear.
Most virtual assistants make at least $15 per hour working from home, but many charge a lot more.
The key to making work in retirement fulfilling, according to Sullivan, is for retirees to “find something they love.” And that might be the most important lesson of all — if you must work during retirement, you should strive to find something that’s fulfilling and fun.

Ask Larry: ​​​​​​Getting Social Security To Pay Delayed Retirement Credits​ Before I’m Possibly Dead
Social Security Disability

Ask Larry: ​​​​​​Getting Social Security To Pay Delayed Retirement Credits​ Before I’m Possibly Dead

Ask Larry: ​​​​​​Getting Social Security To Pay Delayed Retirement Credits​ Before I’m Possibly Dead.
Today’s column looks at payment of delayed retirement credits, divorced spousal benefits, whether disability benefits based on a spouse’s record are possible, income not taxed by Social Security and correcting application errors.
Hi Larry, I turned 68 in July 2015.
I filed for Social Security after I had delayed it for two years.
When I went to start my benefits the Social Security office gave me one year of delayed retirement increases.
They said I had to wait until January 2016 to get the delayed retirement increase from the second year.
Thanks, Sarah Hi Sarah, If you started benefits the month you turned 68, your initial benefit amount should have included delayed retirement credits (DRCs) for 18 months from 7/2013 through 12/2014.
Best, Larry Can I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits Till I’m 70?
The first month that you can become entitled to a divorced spousal benefit without also being deemed to file on your own account is the month you reach full retirement age, which appears to be January 2017 in your case.
Make sure you do not file for your retirement benefit before reaching age 70 and, in so doing, specify in the remarks section of the retirement benefit application that you want your retirement benefit to start in the month you turn 70.

The ins and outs of applying for Social Security benefits
Social Security Disability

The ins and outs of applying for Social Security benefits

“Then it takes maybe 20 minutes to complete the application.” Other experts agree that online is the best way to apply for Social Security.
Of note, the Social Security Administration (SSA) generally doesn’t publish the phone numbers of their local offices.
“But they’re swamped mid-day, from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” says Landis.
When you file, there are two questions that seem to trip people up, according to Brewton.
“I recommend that clients who file in person or on the phone get the name of the person who assisted with the filing and have that person read the questions and answers back to the consumer,” she says.
Brewton recommends documenting conversations with dates and times.
Landis also notes that the SSA will contact you if they have any questions about your application.
Most claims can be filed online.
“You can file up to three months before you want benefits, he says.
“For example, say someone retires at the end of June and intends to start collecting Social Security benefits effective with the month of July,” he says.

Q&A: Same-sex union, foreign residency don’t preclude getting Social Security
Social Security Disability

Q&A: Same-sex union, foreign residency don’t preclude getting Social Security

Q: I am a 65 and currently on Social Security disability insurance (SSDI).
Although I spend several months a year at my Florida residence during the winter, I currently reside in France with my partner, who is 67, and we are considering marriage, a same-sex union.
I am a U.S. citizen but hold a French residency card.
If yes, would he also have to declare his French retirement income?
“As a spouse, (your) partner will be eligible for a benefit equal to 50% of (your) gross monthly amount.
Of course, complicating all of this is your future spouse’s French pension.
However, GPO does apply, and the Social Security Administration will be required to reduce any spousal or survivor benefit due him by 2/3 of the amount of his pension.
As for the tax question, if GPO prevents him from collecting anything, then the tax issue is obviously moot, says Czarnowski.
For more, read Your Payments While You are Outside the United States Q: Is it possible to get two separate payments from Social Security at the same time if you have two qualifying reasons, such as the correct number of work credits and a disability that prevents you from working again?
“It is not, however, possible to receive a retirement benefit and a disability benefit simultaneously,” he says.

10,000 Boomers Turn 65 Every Day. Can Medicare and Social Security Handle It?
Social Security Disability

10,000 Boomers Turn 65 Every Day. Can Medicare and Social Security Handle It?

Can Medicare and Social Security Handle It?.
By the time the last of this generation approaches retirement age in 2029, 18 percent of the U.S. will be at least that age, the Pew Research Center projects.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates there will be 81 million beneficiaries in 2030.
For sure, many of those Americans will resist retirement if possible for both economic and lifestyle reasons.
But the explosive volume of Americans qualifying for benefits will put extraordinary pressure on government spending for Social Security and Medicare – two of the premier federal entitlement programs that are gradually running short of cash.
Budget experts say that significant growth in spending on retirement benefits and health care for the elderly are the major drivers of the national debt, along with moderating growth in tax revenue and rising government interest costs.
As baby boomers make increased demands on the system, entitlement trust funds will begin to run out of money, putting added pressure on the debt.
At the current rate, the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted in 2033, with just enough money to cover 89 percent of benefits, according to the trustees’ report.
That will also be the year when – absent dramatic congressional and White House intervention –the publicly held debt will surpass the historical high of 106 percent of Gross Domestic Product.
Top Reads from The Fiscal Times: