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The case for immigration

The case for immigration

But it is not long before they are overwhelmed by their sheer number and abandon efforts to repel them.
Get our daily newsletter Few things have caused citizens in Western liberal democracies more angst in recent years than borders and migration.
Or would the world be a better place if borders were more open than they are?
That is because workers become more productive as they move from a poor country to a rich one.
The second argument for open borders is a moral one.
Where someone is born is entirely a matter of chance, so there is no moral justification for compelling people to stay in a poor country.
Even if the world as a whole were to grow richer thanks to open borders, they say, poorer people in the migrants’ destination countries would suffer.
If a majority of these citizens oppose large-scale immigration (as is the case in several European countries), the government cannot simply ignore their wishes, even if it thinks it would take the moral high ground by doing so.
Most people are neither for nor against open borders, but somewhere in between.
Rich countries can and must do more to help those beset by war, persecution or economic duress.