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Letters to the editor: Wildacres, a wild presidency and unwarranted parades

Letters to the editor: Wildacres, a wild presidency and unwarranted parades

More reckoning needed for Wildacres I recently read an article in the Citizen-Times about Wildacres Flute Retreat.
I am disgusted and very concerned that this wonderful organization is allowing a known accused sexual predator (Brad Garner) to continue to work with young flute students.
The Wildacres organization needed to remove this man from their program.
And, I feel they need to let go of the director for her attitude toward the students and for not wanting to protect the students from this predator.
Perhaps banish him to North Korea where and he and Kim could measure each other’s buttons like we adolescent boys in the Texas Panhandle did back in the 1940s; then, go out and pee on the electric border fence to see who is baddest.
Problem: the president would be taking all that security information with him.
Over the next few days as the complete picture of what the White House knew and when they knew it, and President Trump’s comments on his support for Rob Porter, I realized the White House couldn’t have done better.
To do better would be to take accusations of spousal abuse seriously, which the White House is unable to do.
The people that pay compensation packages ought to also approve them.
If taxpayers knew the largess given to fed workers over many years of shrouded secrecy, they would never have approved.

Russia, EU Ties Take Spotlight in Czech Presidential Runoff

Russia, EU Ties Take Spotlight in Czech Presidential Runoff

Zeman, a veteran politician who supports Russian leader Vladimir Putin and was one of early backers of U.S. President Donald Trump, won the initial stage of balloting on Friday and Saturday with 39 percent.
He’ll face Jiri Drahos, a 68-year-old former head of the Czech Academy of Sciences in a Jan. 26-27 head-to-head contest.
Drahos won 27 percent, far ahead of the next challenger.
The election has become a public reckoning of Zeman’s approach after he used what he calls a “creative interpretation” of the constitution to carve out a stronger role for the presidency.
“Zeman is seen as a politician who took the country on a pro-Russian course, who’s dragging the Czech Republic towards the east,” said said Jiri Pehe, director of New York University in Prague.
“That’s one of the main themes of this election.
Click here to read how Zeman has remade the role of president While the Czech Republic is the EU’s richest post-communist member by economic output per capita — and boasts the bloc’s lowest unemployment — Zeman has tapped into anti-immigrant sentiment with rhetoric resembling that of populist politicians who made gains in elections in Europe last year.
The runoff’s outcome depends on whether Drahos cashes in on endorsements from four candidates who won a combined 31 percent in the first round.
Zeman appointed his ally in opposing the EU’s refugee policy, billionaire Andrej Babis, as prime minister, even though his single-party cabinet doesn’t have a majority.
The koruna, which was the best-performing currency in the world last year, has gained 0.1 percent against the euro this year.