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Philip Hammond blames low productivity on disabled workers

Philip Hammond blames low productivity on disabled workers

Toby Melville/Reuters Philip Hammond called “ignorant” after suggesting low productivity rates were because of more disabled people working.
The chancellor told the Treasury Select Committee that more disabled people working “may have had an impact” on productivity.
The chancellor told MPs at the Treasury Select Committee that “very high levels of engagement in the workforce” of disabled people “may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements.”
Labour MP John Mann, a member of the committee, said the remarks were “appalling” and “ignorant” in a tweet.
Chancellor just linked low productivity growth to the labour market and specified the increased employment of disabled people.
The chancellor’s comments are ignorant.”
The fall came despite more people being in work and working more hours.
The government aims to get one million more disabled people into work over the course of a 10-year plan, halving the difference between employment rates for disabled and non-disabled people, which stood at 32% in 2016.
Labour’s shadow disabilities minister Marsha de Cordova tweeted that it was “shocking that Philip Hammond is trying to blame disabled people for low productivity! “Disabled people contribute enormously and disability employment gap has barely changed since productivity started to stall.