Social Security Disability Basics

In this world of complicated processes, it can be hard to find elements that can get you both the information and help you need when it comes to Disability Benefits. The stress caused by all this can be almost doubled when you are dealing with a debilitating disability to cope with. So in order to assist in finding information on this problem, we’ve compiled a list that can assist you in locating some of the information needed across our website.

What Are the Basics of Disability Benefits?

Here’s you’ll find articles on the basics of applying and an overall look at the current set-up for Social Security.

Are my Benefits Being Taxed? How does Taxation Affect my Disability Benefits?

Filing taxes are a concern for every citizen. How it affects people, who is reporting what, etc. Here are articles on Benefits and Taxation.

How is the New Administration Affecting Social Security Benefits?

In the new administration, as with any new administration, we are beginning to understand how things are being handled with Social Security. Check out these articles for more information.

Working While on Social Security Benefits

These articles deal with working and how it affects your Benefits.

How Does Social Security Benefits Get Funded?

Often times, a great way to understand how SSI or SSDI works is by learning how it’s funded and the reforms that are under review. Here’s a few articles covering this topic.

Other Articles

There are of course multiple great sources for finding different information. Here are some additional articles that you can look over to find more information on how things are set up, trends in Social Security payments, and much more.

Looking through DisabilityNews.Today is an great place to keep up to date on the latest of Disability News. This launching point can help you get the information you need, and if you still need more, feel free to contact us!